I was diagnosed with breast cancer, June, 2010. Since chemotherapy was indicated in my treatment plan, I was concerned about hair loss as I was planning on continuing to work as much as possible through my treatment. I picked up a brochure for Hollywood Hair Solutions (HHS) in my on oncologists office. I called and made an appointment with Marlene, the owner, prior to starting chemotherapy. I wanted her to see my hair so I could pick a wig that was similar. In fact, when I returned to work, I had multiple compliments on my hair. From the moment I walked into HHS, I knew I had chosen the right place. Marlene was wonderful. She spent 2 1/2 uninterrupted hours with us. Each appointment is totally private and Marlene devotes 100% of her attention to you. I never felt rushed. Marlene makes sure the wig fits correctly and makes sure you are happy with the color and style even suggesting you go outside and check out the color in the sunlight. She shows you proper care of your wig with examples of "what not to do". Marlene encouraged us to have fun in the process by trying on different styles and colors. I HIGHLY recommend HHS. Marlene is professional, devoted, caring and fun.


Sanger, CA 

Hi Marlene, I wanted to drop you a note to you for my new wig! You made me feel so comfortable and welcome. Your warm and caring nature really eased my anxiety. I went back to work on Wednesday and everyone commented on how great I looked! No one even suspected it was a wig! I just saw the doctor today, and he said there was nothing they could do, that I would inevitably continue losing my hair. I have decided to stop all my medications now and embrace wig life! I will definitely be making an appointment with you soon so that I can get a second wig for when I'm not at work. Thank you again for your wonderful service!


I broke my arm and was unable to do my hair to go to work. So, I decided to shop for a wig. Buying from Hollywood Wigs was great for my job, and I was able to change my hairstyle in an instant. I have gotten so many compliments from my friends and family about looking younger and I'm loving it. My arm has healed, but I will continue to wear my wigs. Thank you, Marlene, for all your help in selecting the perfect wigs for me.  


Kingsburg, CA